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2024 New Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction

Adult Fiction

Ailes-Expectant Detectives

Airgood-South of Superior

Alan-Murder Served Simply

Alan-Murder Simply Stitched

Alexander-Smoking Bun

Alt-Home for a Spell



Battles-Shadow of Betrayal

Battles- Silenced

Berry-Atlas Maneuver

Black-Deepest Kill 

Blake-Death by Chocolate Lab

Blake-Something Borrowed, Something Mewed

Block -A Thomas Austen Crime Thriller Series- 24 books

Nightmare at Manhattan Beach (bk # 24)

Bohjalian-Princess of Las Vegas

Box-3 Inch Teeth

Brandon-Double Booked for Death

Brandon-Literally Murder

Brandon-Novel Way to Die

Brandon-Plot Boiler

Brandon-Twice Told Tail

Brandon-Words with Friends

Butler-Scandalous Life the Reputed Wife

Byler-New Direction Series -3 books

Garment of Praise-bk#3

Carr-Friendship Club

Childs-Murder in the Tea Leaves

Coben-Myron Bolitar Series 12 books

Darkest Fear-bk #7

Think Twice-bk#12

Coble-Fragile Designs

Crawford-Catered Quilting Bee

Dailey-One in a Million

Dailey- Frosted Firs Ranch Series

Evergreen Christmas - bk1

Davidson-Catering to Nobody

Davidson-Dying for Chocolate

Day-Deep Fried Death

Day-Murder Uncorked

Dearth-Believe Like a Child

Dearth-Mean Little People

Dearth-My Final Breath

Dearth-Never Be Alone

Dearth-One Among Us

Dearth-When Smiles Fade

Delany-Sign of Four Spirits

Delany-Three Book Problem



Deveraux-A Medlar Mystery Series -4 books

A Relative Murder-bk#4

Dixon-Language of Secrets

Doiron-Mike Bowditch Mystery Series-15 bks

One Last Lie-bk 11

Doiron-Almost Midnight

Doiron-Bone Orchard

Doiron-Dead by Dawn

Doiron-Hatchet Island

Doiron-Knife Creek


Doiron-Stay Hidden


Douglas-Birthday Girl



Elliot-Crystals & CuriosiTEAS Mystery Series-2 bks

Steeped in Secrets bk1

Erickson-Death by Peppermint Cappuccino

Faulkner-Other Mothers

Ferguson-How to Plot a Payback

Fisher-Good Half Gone

Flower-Crime and Cherry Pits

French-Has Anyone Seen Charlotte Salt

Gilbert-Death in the Margins

Goldberg-Malibu Burning

Graves-Death by Chocolate Marshmallow Pie

Greany-Chaos Agent






Gudenkauf-Everyone Is Watching:A Locked Room Thriller 

Hannah-Murder at the Blarney Bash

Hannah-Murder by Pumpkin Pageant


Hechtman-Making it Write

Henry-Funny Story

Hicks-The Devil to Pay-A Mobsters Road to Perdition

Higgins-Look on the Bright Side 

Hyde-Allie and Bea

Hyde-Take Me With You


Johnson-A Longmire Mystery Series-20 bks

First Frost-bk 20

Johnstone-Dig Your Own Grave

Johnstone-Live by the West Die by the West

Johnstone-Once Upon a Time in Texas

Johnstone-Riding Shotgun


Kato-Blue Exotcist vol. 28

Kellerman-Ghost Orchid

King-You Like it Darker

Klein-A Poppy McAllister Mystery Series  8Bks

Mischief Nights Are Murder-bk 8

Kyle-God of Animals

Lattimore-All We Were Promised


Lorret-My Kind of Earl

Mallery-Summer Book Club

Marquez-Until August

McFadden-Housemaid's Secret


McKinlay-Fatal First Edition

McKinlay-Love at 1st Book

Meier-Easter Basket Murder


Minix-Murder at the Bookstore

Minix-Murderous Type

Morgan-Summer Swamp

Mosse-Burning Chambers

Murphy-Dead in Dublin

Murphy-Death by Irish Whiskey

Murphy-Death in Irish Accents

Murphy-Death of an Irish Mummy

Murphy-Death on the Green

O'Connor-Christmas Scarf Murder

O'Connor-Irish Milkshake Murder

O'Connor-Murder at an Irish Chipper

Paris-The Guest

Parks--Alexis Parker Series listed in numerical order

Likely Suspects-bk#1

Warhol Incident-bk#2

Mimicry of Banshees-bk#3

Suspicion of Murder-bk#4

Racing Through Darkness-#5

Camels and Corpses-bk#6

Lack of Jurisdiction-bk#7

Dying for a Fix-bk#8

Intended Target-bk#9

Muffled Echoes-bk#10

Crisis of Conscience-bk#11

Misplaced Trust-bk#12

On Tilt-bk#14

Purview of Flashbulbs-bk#15

Long Game-bk#16

Burning Embers-bk#17

Thick Fog-bk#18

Warning Signs-bk#19

Past Crimes-bk#20

Zero Sum-bk#22

Peterson-The Heart of Cheyenne Series-3 books

A Love Discovered-bk#1


Patterson-Holmes, Marple & Poe

Patterson-Missing Persons

Patterson-Moores are Missing

Patterson-Secret Lives of Booksellers & Librarians

Patterson-The #1 Lawyer

Petrie-Price You Pay

Price-Amish Mercy

Quick-We Are the Light

Quidlen-After Annie 

Robb-Random in Death

Roberts-Mind Games

Russo-Somebody's Fool

Patterson-A Women's Murder Club Mystery -24 bk Series

24th Hour-bk#24

Popp-A Pies Before Guys Mystery Series - 3 bks

The Last to Pie  bk 3

Sandford-A Prey Novel Series-34 books

Toxic Prey-bk #34 of 34

Schroeder-Bundling Year

Scotolina-The Truth about the Devlins

Serle-Expiration Dates

Siple-Five Wishes of Mr. Murray McBride

Solvinic-Hunter's Daughter

Steel-Never Too Late

Stone- multiple book series listed below

A Villian's Story FBI Mystery Series-8 books

Blood on the Badge-bk#1

Amelia Storm FBI Mystery Series-12 books

Storm's Fury - bk#1

Charli Cross Mystery Series-9 books

Dark Purpose - bk#1

Dark Greed - bk#2

Ellie Kline Psychological Thriller Series - 14 books

Cold Truth-bk#1

Emma Last FBI Mystery Series - 10 books

Last Sinner - bk#6

Last Mercy - bk#7

Last Hour - bk#8

Last Resort - bk#9

Kylie Hatfield Amateur Sleuth Mystery Series - 5 books

Deadly Act - bk#1

Deadly Lies - bk#2

Deadly Games - bk#3

Deadly Dreams -bk#4

Deadly Silence bk#5

Shadow Island Mystery Series - 15 books

Shadows Secret -bk#1

Stella Knox FBI Mystery Series -11 books

Killer Smile -bk#1

Winter-Black FBI Mystery Series -23 books

Winter's Mourn -bk#1

Winter-Black Series -10 books

Winters Schmerz (written in German) bk#1

Thayne-Cape Sanctuary Series-5 bks

Sea Glass Cottage-bk 2

Toiban-Eilis Lacey Series--2 bks

Long Island-bk 2 


Wallace-When the Troll's Away

Ware-One Perfect Couple

Adult Non-Fiction

Blankfield-Lovers in Auschwitz

Brown-Brilliant Bites-75 small bites for any occasion

Cheney-Oath and Honor

Clarkson-An Adirondack Archive:The Trail to Windover

Cudmore-Hidden History of the Mohawk Valley

Dean-Christmas with Paula Dean (cookbook) 

Dobyns-Catching Hell

Fogden-Hummingbirds:A Life-size Guide to Every Species

George-Lightning Sky:A U.S. Pilot Captured during WW11 & His Father's Quest to Find Him

Gooseberry Patch-Pinch of This a Dash of That (cookbook)

Graber-My Amish Story


Heuck-Cooking in Real Life (cookbook)

Hester-100 Cookies Cookbook (cookbook)

Horton-Dear Sister

Hughes-Pain Hustlers

Kieffer-100 Morning Treats (cookbook)

Lewis-Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter

Martins-100 Chicken Recipes from Around the World (cookbook)

Matthews-Few and Chosen-Phillies

Milan-Be the Pack Leader 

NY Sportsman-It's Fun to Eat (cookbook)

Olsen-Amish Wife

O'Reilly-Killing the Mob

Publications International Ltd-Great American Conspiracies

Rosen-15 Minute Meals (cookbook)


Shumway-Central New York Beers

Stravisky-In Plain View

Tasty Table-Gordon Ramsey's Quick & Tasty (cookbook)

Vanderbes-Easter Island

2024 Juvenile Fiction & Non-Fiction

Barbo- Rescue Mission (Pokemon)

Berenstain-Berenstain Bears- Thanksgiving All Around

Berenstain Bears-We Love Our Teacher

Dean-Pete the Cat and the Sprinkle Stealer

Dean-Pete the Cats Not So Groovy

Dean-Pete the Kitty & The 3 Bears

Gabrielle-Quiet Violet Finds Her Voice

Osborne-Rhinos at Recess (Magic Tree House)

Penguin Youth Readers-Bluey Butterflies

Pilkey- Dogman Unleashed

Rey-Curious George Colors Eggs

Rey-Curious George Roller Coaster