New Books

On this page, you can find a list of the library's newest books and see if the new book you have been waiting for is at our libary!

We have most of the best sellers!


Adult Fiction

Adamson-Beware the Laughing Gull

Baldacci-Long Shadows


Carl-Chocolate Cat Caper

Carl-Crime de Cocoa

Carr-Best of Us

Child-No Plan B

Childs-Twisted Tea Christmas

Connelly-Desert Star



Davids-Match Made at Christmas

Davis-Good Dog’s Guide to Murder

Deaver-Hunting Time

Delany-Dying in a Winter Wonderland

Delany-Hark the Herald Angels Slay

Delany-Murder in a Teacup

Delany-Silent Night Deadly Night

Delany-Tea & Treachery

Delany-We Wish you a Murderous Christmas


Deveraux -Thief of Fate

Doyle-Death on Bull Path

Doyle-Death on Windmill Way

Erickson-Death by Spiced Chai

Erickson-Dial M for Maine Coon

Erickson-Pomeranian Always Barks Twice

Evanovich-Going Rogue

Fisher-Anything but Plain

Fossen-Maverick Justice

Fossen-Pursued by the Sheriff

Fossen-Targeting the Deputy


Galbraith-Ink Black Heart

Garmus-Lessons in Chemistry

Gentill-Woman in the Library

Granger-Death of a Red Hot Rancher

Gray-Coming Home

Gray-Happily Ever Amish

Hannah-Murder at the Beacon Bookshop

Hannah-Murder at the Blueberry Festival

Hannah-Murder at the Christmas Cookie Bake Off

Irving-Last Chairlift

Jakubowski-Daggers Drawn

Kingsolver-Demon Copperhead

Knight-Live Local and Dead

Krueger-Fox Creek

Lacombe-Colton’s Undercover Reunion

Logan-Scent of Murder

Mackintosh-Last Party

Mallery-Christmas Wedding Guest



Mann-Before You




Mann-Even if it hurts




McFadden-Devil Wears Scrubs



McFadden-Never Lie

McFadden-One by One

McKinlay-Plot and Pendulum

Moody-Beyond the Shadow of War

Moody-From the Ashes of War

Morey-Colton Family Bodyguard

Newton-Girl from Vichy

Newton-Girls from the Beach

O’Farrell-Marriage Portrait

Patterson-Perfect Assassin

Patterson-Triple Cross

Perry-Christmas Deliverance

Peterson-Under the Starry Skies

Picoult-Mad Honey

Preston-Gideon’s Sword

Richardson-Book Woman’s Daughter

Rimmer-First Comes Baby

Rollins-Starless Crown

Ronin-Chasing Red

Runyan-School for German Brides

Summers-Rancher’s Baby Surprise

Unger-Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six

Urquhart-Butcher and the Wren

Wesson-Darkness Falls

Wesson-Light Rises

Wiseman-Story of Love

Woods-Distant Thunder

Adult Non-Fiction

Basic illustrated Kayaking

Broderick-All the Time in the World


McCurdy-I’m Glad My Mom Dies

Nelson-Wake up Grateful

Wenner-Like a Rolling Stone


All Juvenile books were purchased with grant monies.

Juvenile Non-Fiction

Abrams-Stacey’s Extraordinary Words

Arnold-Noodleheads take it Easy

Bently-Octopus Shocktopus

Berenstain-Berenstain Bears meet Big Paw

Berenstain-Berenstain Bears meet the Easter Bunny

Berenstain-Berenstain Bears Take Turns

Birdsong-How to spot a Best Friend

Blabey-Bad Guys Open Wide and say Arrrgh

Brown-Flower Girl

Bruel-Bad Kitty for President

Bruel-Bad Kitty gets a Phone

Bruel-Bad Kitty goes on Vacation

Brunelliere-Deep in the Ocean

Burton-Five little Leprechauns

Capucilli-All that is You

Capucilli-Wake up Night

Cotler-Sorry Really Sorry

Cousins-Hooray for Fish

Cronin-Click Clack Rainy Day

Daywalt-Day the Crayons Quit

Daywalt-Crayons Trick or Treat

Dean-Pete the cat’s not so Groovy Day

Dean-Pete the Cat Plays Hide and Seek

Dean-Potty Time with Pete the Kitty

deAngeli-Yonnie Wondernose

Dewdney-Everything will be OK

Dewdney-Llama Llama Back to School

Dewdney-Learning with Llama Llama Colors

DiCanillo-Very Mercy Christmas

Eaton-Bear goes Sugaring

Edwards-Princess Pigtoria and the Pea

Everett-Pajama Pirates

Finison-Hurry little Tortoise Time for School

Fitzgerald-Under the Egg

Fletcher-There’s a Witch in Your Book

Gassman-Do not Bring your Dragon to the Last Day of School

Gassman-Do not Let Your Dragon Spread Germs

Gassman-Do Not Take Your Dragon on a Field Trip

Gassman-Do Not take Your Dragon to Dinner

Gehl-Hannukkah Hunt

Geist-Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark

Gephart-Go be Wonderful

Gibbs-Charlie Thorne and the curse of Cleopatra

Gomi-Mewto Strikes Back(Pokemon)

Green-Pajama Zoo Parade

Happy Pumpkin

Hernandez-First Day of Unicorn School

Johnson-Battle for the Zephyr Badge (Pokemon)

Kann-Pinkalicious and the Holiday Sweater

Kann-Pinkalicious Kindergarten Fun

Kastner-Very Big Fall

Kusaka-Pokemon Adventures X Y

Kusaka-Pokemon Sun & Moon 5

Kusaka-Pokemon Sun & Moon 7

Kusaka-Pokemon Sun & Moon 10

Kusaka-Pokemon Sun & Moon 11

Kusaka-Pokemon Sun & Moon 12

Kusaka-Pokemon XY 12

Kusemon –Pokemon-Omega Ruby

Laird-Pirates Past Noon

Lawler-Oceans of Love

Lehrhaupt-Shark Chums Can Clam Go

Lenarcic-Littlest Leprechaun

Lim-Mommy’s Hometown

Lopez Alt-Every Night is Pizza Night

Lovett-Life at Loon Lake

Ludwig-Brave every Day

Marlow-Noah’s Seal

Marvin-If Dinosaurs had Hair

Mayer-Very Special Critter

Mentzel-Loud Mouse

Mucks-Good Days are for Smiling

Murray-Sharky McShark


Nicholas-Leon the Extraordinary

Patterson-Elephant Girl

Peppa Pig and the Backyard Circus

Peppa Pig and the Busy Day at School

Peppa Pig and the Great Race

Peppa Pig and the Lucky Ducks

Peppa Pig Best Friends

Peppa Pig George goes to the Potty

Peppa Pig Happy Diwali

Peppa Pig Super Peppa

Peppa in Space

Peppa is Kind

Peppa loves St. Patrick’s Day

Peppa Loves to Bake

Peppa loves Yoga

Peppa Pig New Glasses

Peppa Pig When I Grow Up

Petersen-School is Wherever I am

Plourde-If you Were my Valentine

Pokemon- Journeys the series a New Beginning

Pokemon-Journeys vol. 2

Pokemon-Mystery of the Missing Food

Pokemon-Sword & Shield

Pokemon-Welcome to Galar

Rinker-How to Put an Octopus to Bed

Sayres-Where do Diggers Sleep at Night

Schertle-Little Blue Truck Makes a Friend

Schertle-Little Blue Truck’s Springtime

Schertle-Little Blue Truck’s Valentine

Seuss-Dr. Seuss’s Summer Things

Singer-Dog Says Cat Says

Stewart-Beyond the Deepwoods

Stewart-Curse of the Gloamglozer

Stewart-Midnight of the Sanctaphrax


Stilton-Treasure Seekers

Thomas-Chicken who Couldn’t

Turner-Penguins Don’t Wear Pink

Watkinson-Three Canadian Pigs

West-Journey to the Orange Islands (Pokemon)

West-Race to Danger (Pokemon)

West-Secret of the Pink Pokemon

Wheeler-Dino Easter

Whitehill-Pokemon Gotta Catch a What

Whitehill-Pokemon Primers ABC Book

Whitehill-Pokemon Primers 123 Book

Whitehill-Pokemon Shapes Book

Willan-Unicorns are the Worst

Willems-Pigeon Will Ride the Roller Coaster

Witherspoon-Busy Betty

Yoon-I’m a Unicorn

Zee-Mouse the Size of a Moose



Eeywitness-Natural Disasters


Harrison-Little Leaders

Mucks-Good Days are for Walking

Pokemon All About Pichachu

Seluk-Ocean is Kind of a Big Deal