Board Minutes

Minutes of the January 22, 2024 Trustees Board Meeting

Vice President called the meeting of the Poland District Public Library to order at 6:30 with the following board members present: Jay Harkins, Shirley Dutcher, Nancy Crisino, Shauna Douglass, Kathleen Fusco and Darlyne Przelski; with treasurer Joanna McKerrow present and guest David Roberts.

Treasurer McKerrow passed out bank statements for review, checks and vouchers to be signed and her monthly report.                       a. She reported that $250 was donated in memory of Karen Thierry. A thank you will be posted on our Facebook page and website. b. The payroll app was discussed. Darlyne made a motion to move payroll to MidYork: all employees will now be paid by direct deposit. Seconded by Shauna carried all ayes.                                                                                                                                                         c. Shauna made a motion to move money to cover this into a new account at M&T to cover all expenses associated with payroll including, but not limited to: wages, taxes, disability, etc. Seconded by nancy carried all ayes

Having volunteers trained to work the circulation desk waas discussed. Kathleen and Shirley offered to be trained. When Anna, Kathleen's daughter and former employee, is free she will train them. This will ensure that we do not have to close on Saturdays because no one is available to work.

Joanna brought up that there are many other things that MidYork can do for us as part of the money we pay every year. She is going to call them and investigate, possibly having someone come to a meeting and explain what they offer.

The Stewart's Grant waas discussed: the deadline is the end of January and we need someone to write the grant. Darlyne offered to pick up the paperwork.

Next meeting will be February 20th, 6:30 at the Library. Meeting adjourned 8:15.

Respectfully submitted,

Darlyne Przelski, Secretary of the Poland District Public Library

February 20, 2024 Minutes of Board of Trustees Meeting

Vice President Jay  Harkins called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM. Present were trustees: Jay Harkins, Shirley Dutcher, Nancy Crisino, Kathleen Fusco, Darlyne Przelski, absent Shauna Douglass; also present librarian Paula Johnson and David Roberts.

After a discussion Nancy made a motion to appoint David Roberts to fill the remainder of Jan Joslyn's term second by Shirley carried all ayes, Paula will give him the proper paperwork to fill out so he may be sworn in as a trustee. Welcome to the Board of Trustees David. Jay and Darlyne are up for reelection this year in May.

Vice President Harkins passed out checks and vouchers to sign, bank statements to be reviewed and the monthly report; Treasurer Joanna McKerrow was absent. There was also a discussion on the procedure for the new system of direct deposit for all employees.

"Paula's Notes" for February 2024 were discussed and explained. Hopefully we will continue to get monthly "Paula's Notes". They are very helpful keeping the board abreast of library happenings. Thank you Paula.

The construction grant was discussed. A signed contract is needed, Jay to contact Toff Fenton.

Our Facebook and website were discussed, thanks to Nancy and Kathleen for keeping them up-to -date.The Stewart's grant was discussed. Darlyne with assistance from Nancy, Paula, Jan Joslyn and husbn d Bernie filled it out and submitted it. We will know in March if we are to receive any money and how much.

The date of our next meeting will be decided after checking with Shauna and Joanna.

Meeting adjourned 7:35.

Respectfully submitted,

Darlyne H. Przelski,   Secretary Poland District Public Library  

Minutes of the March 18, 2024 Trustees Meeting

The regular meeting of the Poland District Public Library was called to order at 6:50. The following trustees were present: Jay Harkins, Shirley Dutcher, Nancy Crisino, Darlyne Przelski, Shauna Douglass, David Roberts and Kathleen Fusco; also present library treasurer, Joanna McKerrow.

Joanna passed around the checks and vouchers to be signed/initialed; her monthly treasurer's report for review and a copy of the annual report for review. She reported that she and Shauna completed the audit for NYS and MidYork. She is currently working with MidYork to resolve the problem with our payroll rejection by MidYork.

There was a lengthy discussion about the library having no policy in place for employee sick leave and/or extended leave. David made the following motion: in the event an employee has a crisis/catastrophic emergency, the board may authorize the continuance of pay/wages and flexibility of scheduling. Seconded by Kathleen, carried all ayes.

Joanna brought up the idea of a Community Closet in the cubbyhole under the stairs; she offered to help clean it out and reorganize. By moving the donated clothes/etc. down stairs it would eliminate the clutter in the entrance and give folks privacy to choose usable items. Shauna moved to start this after construction was completed in the cellar, Jay seconded carried, all ayes.

The construction grant was discussed and explained. Darlyne brought up the idea of taking some some of the money from the Robens' donation to pay for the new windows and later put up a small plaque to acknowledge their generosity.  This would free up some money in the grant and assure that more things could be completed. This suggestion was well received and will be implemented.

Nancy passed out a suggestion and rationale for keeping the Libray open every Thursday night until 8PM. This will be discussed at the April meeting. Nancy wanted to give the board time to think about her suggestion.

Next meeting will be April 23, 6:30 PM downstairs in the Library. Meeting adjourned 7:45 PM.

Respectively submitted,

Darlyne H. Przwelski,  Secretary, Poland District Public Library